Sealing Travertine

November 13, 2017 , by in Uncategorised

Q: We are often asked about sealing natural products outside. We were told we should seal our product such as Travertine? Below is why we recommend not sealing and the disadvantages of it. For the sealing, we do not ever recommend it outside for a variety of reasons. Sealers can change the look of the Travertine, and if the wrong type, can ruin it because it traps moisture and then the natural stone is not allowed to breathe as needed. Second, being an outdoor application, the UV rays from the sun have a huge diminishing effect on the effectiveness. So...

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Ultra Poz

November 3, 2017 , by Welcome in Uncategorised

Q: What is Ultra Poz plaster made up of and what are some of its differences to Pebble Tec and Quartz?   A: The Ultra Poz is a modified plaster product that is durable and smoother because they add polymers and pozellans to the mix, and use white cement with some quartz. Without getting into a huge cement talk, in the “old days” plaster used to be a long-lasting product primarily because it was made with white silica sand that was mined out of California. However, when they could no longer mine it, a substitution was made to insert white...

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