Pools – New, Remodel and Commercial

The work of an accomplished pool builder begins by understanding the reasons behind the choices he or she makes. That sounds simple enough, but homeowners should proceed with care because only a handful of builders truly understand design and the building process. On the other hand, many others are more or less content to offer a limited set of features, cookie cutter designs and products which may or may not have anything to do with the setting. Generally speaking, there are three types of pool and spa builders: The first type is the pool builder who knows the basic rules of design maybe. He or she has no background in art or architecture history, only uses design schemes generated on a computer template, and does not charge for the design process. Next, there is the landscape architect, a professional who is educated in design. Some landscape architects, however, are not experts in swimming pool construction and need to work with an experienced pool contractor due to the complexities of engineering along with building structures that retain and move water. There is hope because there is the educated pool and spa professional who understands both design principles and construction details. He or she bases the work on the relationship between design and construction as it relates to the site environment, always knowing that each and every element—from the broadest overall concept down to the smallest detail—must be in the design for a reason and must be executed flawlessly.