Ultra Poz

Q: What is Ultra Poz plaster made up of and what are some of its differences to Pebble Tec and Quartz?


A: The Ultra Poz is a modified plaster product that is durable and smoother because they add polymers and pozellans to the mix, and use white cement with some quartz. Without getting into a huge cement talk, in the “old days” plaster used to be a long-lasting product primarily because it was made with white silica sand that was mined out of California. However, when they could no longer mine it, a substitution was made to insert white marble instead.

If you can imagine the Mohs scale (this is the scale by which the hardness of materials are measured), a diamond is a 10 – very hard and durable, but expensive. The white silica mentioned above, as well as Quartz and Pebble Tec products all come in at a 7. When the white silica was removed and the marble was inserted – the result was that the current plaster product doesn’t last as long because marble is only a 3. This is why we recommend in most cases a Pebble Tec or Quartz product.